Gambling in Metairie, Louisiana: A Historical Overview

The city of Metairie, Louisiana, located in the New Orleans metropolitan area, has a long and storied history with gambling. From the Metairie Fair Grounds OTB Casino to the unlicensed casinos of Metairie Road, the area has seen its fair share of gaming establishments. In this article, we'll take a look at the history of gambling in Metairie and explore the current state of affairs.The Metairie Fair Grounds OTB Casino is the only legal gambling venue in Metairie. It offers off-track betting and 89 video poker games.

Unfortunately, it has been known to be a bit of a scam, with reports of an ATM stealing money from customers. Nearby, there were several unlicensed casinos with rustic names such as Beverly Gardens, Victory Inn and Metairie Inn. These establishments were not popular with the residents of nearby exclusive homes, who voted to form their own municipality in 1927.This municipality was called Metairie Ridge and was intended to better regulate the gambling headquarters. However, it was dissolved the following year due to a legal challenge supposedly financed by gaming interests.When Baby Boomers came of age in the late 1960s, many chose to live and play in an area about 40 blocks from Metairie known as Fat City.

This area was packed with dozens of bars and restaurants, from tiki lounges and seafood restaurants to dance clubs, music halls and go-go dance establishments. Gambling was largely illegal in Louisiana at this time, although it was still practiced in many places in New Orleans. Bookmakers would place bets on horse races in the back of speakeasies, grocery stores or private homes.In response to this illegal activity, Governor Huey Long called on the Louisiana National Guard to crack down on gambling in both parishes. However, this effort was ultimately unsuccessful and gambling establishments continued to thrive in Metairie and elsewhere in the parish.As part of the Fair Grounds group, Metairie Fair Grounds OTB Casino offers an incredible gaming experience to its visitors.

The casino can be reached by public transport or by the nearest highway. It is an amazing place with lots of attractions that will make you want to extend your stay.At the same time that gambling establishments were thriving in Metairie, healthier entertainment venues began to open up in the area as well. These included music halls and dance clubs that offered a more wholesome form of entertainment for those looking for something different.Today, gambling is still popular in Metairie and other parts of Louisiana. The Metairie Fair Grounds OTB Casino is still open for business and offers off-track betting and video poker games.

While there are no longer any unlicensed casinos operating in the area, there are still plenty of places where you can enjoy a night out with friends or family.